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This is the official website for Coviekiller5's RP Server!

Updates and news

8/28/06 The site is created

8/30/06 The forums are created

9/6/06 Cargtown_b8 is stalled, broke all the buttons and doors , LOL!

9/10/06 Started on new map, rp_coviestown_b1

10/14/06 I know its been a month since my last update, but been very busy, anyway havent got much done on rp_coviestown_b1 but I plan on working on it first chance I get, servers been having some problems but seems to be working now, I may be getting 2 servers soon, but im still having troubles with 2, so for now only 1, il try not to let another month pass before my next update lol.

10/26/06 1000 Visits!!!! Wow never expected to get this many. Oh and does anyone have any ideas for fixing my server? It's not working at all how it should be, if anyone has any knowledge of dedicated servers email me at coviekiller5@yahoo.com if you have any ideas.

11/29/06 Once again its another month since my last update, I have been trying has best I can to fix the server, but to no luck, I will probably just wait for Gmod 10, when I hope to reopen the server, so to speak. Well anyway don't expect the server up till Gmod 10, which who knows when that will be, hopefully soon though.

12/4/06 Woohoo!!! GMod 10 is out!!! Well anyway that probably means that te server is working again, ofcourse now I just need to get an RP mod for gmod 10, for now its just gonna be a build server, anyway if you find a good RP mod for GM 10 email me it would ya, or atleast a link, thanks and I assume you all know my email address. Well anyway Merry Christmas everyone.

12/11/06 Well it looks like I have at least got the Listen server up so I'm going to be running it on GMod 10! Finally. I might run RP, but it will be good old pre lua RP, probably alot of you haven't used the old style of RPing in a long while, or haven't what so ever if your new to Gmod, so expect to see my server, it probably wont be Coviekiller5's RP Server this time, I think its gonna be coviesplace.biz.ly RP Server instead so that people will go to the website, and I won't have to tell them. Well anyway it will be shaky at first but once new RP mods and new ULX comes out it should be back to normal I'm hoping, maybe il have some special event to celebrate the reopening of my server.

1/18/07 Well not much new to report, I still can't seem to find any good RP mods, and so far the server is down, mainly because I seem to not be able to find time to work on it, but its getting somewhere, Ive found a new dedicated server program for GMod 10 and I will be trying it out soon I hope, of course its still la long way to having a fully operational server working so don't get your hopes up just yet, but with a little fine tuning I may just be able to get this server back up and working again.

8/31/07 I know its been forever since I updated, but the server is finally back up, albeit with some problems, and should stay up a good amount. Oh and this is also now the secondary Striker Elites website, with the possiblty of becoming a primary, if Shadow Striker really has left. Well il try and update this site more often, I just can't seem to find the time, but don't worry im not dead. Oh and the website has offically been up for 1 year! Woohoo!

9/23/07 I don't know if any of you still come here, or have noticed that the other website is down, but I regret to tell everyone that Striker Elites is officially dead. Ive put hours upon hours of time into this and regret to say that this will be the last clan that I ever put this much into, unfortunately. I just cannot stand having clan after clan die after putting so much effort into it. I also fear that this is the end to 3.5 year legacy of Coviekiller5's RP Server. I will truly miss you all as these have been some of the best years of my life. Sorry to get so emotional on everyone, just sad to see it all come to an end. Goodbye.

10/1/09 Well, it has been now over 2 years since that last update, hard to believe really, time has really gone quite fast, and I'm nearly out of school now, sufficed to say I'm busy these days, I got a girlfriend and so tha also keeps me busy, lol. However despite all that I am thinking about doing something with this website, and I suppose some people atleast look at the front page, since I've gotten 1000 more visits since that time, not that many for 2 years, but I suppose it means that if my counter is atleast working that some people do visit this site, so to those of you who have come and looked once in awhile, and for those who might be new here, just letting everybody know that I might decided to do something with this website soon, I'm not entirely sure what yet, but perhaps once I start making videos again I'll make this the homepage for them, but who know's really. I'll have to put a blog entry at some point as well. Well anyway just figured it was worth updating for anyone who might read this website heh.

12/15/10 Well it has been more than a year since my last update, I doubt that anybody really sees these, but if they do, well since my last post I have lost the said girlfriend I mentioned before so now I do have freetime lol. Anyway just a quick update for now, to the point... the forums are now down until further notice, not that anybody used them anyway.

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I live in Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia, I love to Gmod, RP, and am also an amateur mapper, look out for some new/edited maps from me.